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Imagine millions of geese swirling as far as the eye can see over vast wetlands, whose silhouettes form astonishing patterns against snowy mountain vistas. Or marvel at the "water dance" of courting grebes as they run in tandem across sparkling lakes....

The Klamath Basin is renowned for its wide diversity and abundance of bird life due to its diverse habitats including marshes, open water, coniferous forest, Juniper woodlands, oak-chaparral, sagebrush-grasslands, grassy meadow and rocky cliffs.

The Klamath Basin is a bird lovers paradise as over 350 species of birds call this major Pacific Flyway layover home!

The Klamath Basin is also a great place for humans needing relief from the hustle and bustle of big city living. We call it a refuge..for more than just birds!

A four minute video showing the natural wonders of the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Areas.

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A six minute video showing birds found in the Klamath Basin during the early spring.

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Seasonal Highlights

Fall: August and September are peak months for viewing Pelicans, Egrets, Herons, and Grebes. An estimated one to two million ducks and geese migrate through the Basin each October and November.

Winter: From November through February over 500 Bald Eagles - the largest concentration in lower 48 states - winter near Bear Valley Roost in the Klamath Basin.

Spring: March to May brings shorebirds and waterfowl migrating north to Alaska and Canada. Thousands return to nest in Klamath Marshes.

Summer: Brood-rearing by 200,000 ducks, geese, herons, egrets and grebes can be seen from May to August

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