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Wildlife Photo Gallery

The Klamath Basin offers excellent, year-round wildlife observation opportunities. Binoculars, a spotting scope, and wildlife field guides will enhance your viewing experience. Staying in your vehicle, when practical, will increase your observation opportunities and reduce disturbance to wildlife.

We would like to showcase your wonderful photos in our wildlife photo gallery. If you have some digital photos that you think would look good here, let our webmaster () know. If they are suitable, we'll display them with your byline. Click the thumbnail photo for a full-sized version.

Photo: Badger Badger ©2006 Clark Peterson Photo: Coyote Coyote ©2006 Clark Peterson
Photo: Marmot Yellow-Bellied
©2006 Clark Peterson Photo: Mule Deer Mule
©2006 Clark Peterson
Photo: Otter Otter ©2006 Clark Peterson Photo: Rabbit Rabbit ©2006 Clark Peterson
Photo: raccoon Raccoon ©2006 Clark Peterson      

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