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POP! is endorsed by the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts

Welcome to Pelicans on Parade (POP!)

Want to buy a pelican?

that will help

"Connect Kids to Nature"

Choose from 16 statuesque pelicans artfully transformed by Klamath Basin artists

Suitable for inside decor of an entryway, office, or living room

Add beauty to your home or business, and help support wildlife appreciation, conservation, and education - with a focus on the future to connect kids to nature

Downtown Viewing: View this amazing flock of pelicans in the grand lobby of the new South Portal Visitor Center at 205 Riverside Drive in downtown Klamath Falls, just beyond the Favell Museum. Lobby hours are M - F, 9 - 5 pm; Sat. 9 - 2 pm, but call to verify: (541) 882-1501 or 1 (800) 445-6728.

Savides Sculpture: Gaze at over a dozen graceful, 7-foot-high, winged sculptures whose original form was created by world-renowned bird artist Stefan Savides of Avian Design in Klamath Falls. Marvel at sparkling dragonflies, Crater Lake scenes, and galloping herds of buffalo.

Advance BIDS: You can place a bid (starting at $2000 or more) by contacting the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce: (541) 884-5193,, or visit them in their offices (Suite A) Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 pm. There will also be bid forms by each pelican to fill out, and drop in the "Pelican" box. Highest bids will be announced at a future live auction, details to be announced.

Invite to POP auction: Please contact the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce (above).

Multiple artists: Seen nowhere else in the world, these painted pelicans highlight our area as a birding hotspot, showcase the American White Pelican mascot of the City of Klamath Falls, and bedazzle onlookers with unprecedented artwork by 18 highly creative Klamath Basin artists.

Purchase Benefits: The majority of proceeds will target projects that help "connect kids to nature" - through the arts, outdoor classrooms, and birding festivals. Focus groups will include Klamath Basin Birding Trail, Klamath Outdoor Science School, Klamath Wingwatchers, and Winter Wings Festival. Funds will also pay for initial casting costs, and a percentage will go back to the artists.

Tax Deductions: POP! purchases may be tax deductible, and matching contributions to the Oregon Cultural Trust may allow for further tax credits. See the Oregon Cultural Trust website ( for direct tax credits on your Oregon income tax ($500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly and $2,500 for Oregon corporations).

Pelican Joy: "These decorated pelican sculptures exhibit a sense of joy that can only come from the minds and hands of artists whose creativity is boundless," says POP! sculptor Stefan Savides. The 3-D POP! form led Stefan to create a larger pelican in bronze which graces the entranceway to the City near Veterans Park by the bird-studded waters of Lake Ewauna.

Pelican Designs: These fanciful pelicans have amazed everyone by the ingeniousness of their designs. One is spangled in a breathtaking mosaic of colored glass. Another depicts Crater Lake's Wizard Island, Llao Bluff, and the Phantom Ship. Others surprise with eye-catching artwork - from mountains to waterfalls, birds in flight to wildlife portraits, and magical landscape scenes. Yet another is colorfully decoupaged in beloved quilting patterns. Another is an F-15 fighter jet, complete with rocket pods and rudders. The final pelican in progress is a magnificent aspen grove dappled with songbirds.

POP! Endorsement: POP! is endorsed by the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, and is a novel fundraiser by the 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Klamath Wingwatchers to promote bird and wildlife appreciation, conservation, and education.

POP! Sponsors: POP! was jumpstarted by many sponsorships, and we sincerely thank the following sponsors: Anonymous sponsor, Bell Hardware, City of Klamath Falls Centennial Committee, Favell Museum of Western Art & Indian Artifacts, For the Birds, M'Bellish, Klamath Basin Audubon Society, Klamath Basin Birding Trail Working Group, Klamath Falls Downtown Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee, 9610 Landscaping, Raul A. Mirande (MD, FACS, PC), RedWing Artscapes, Rogue Federal Credit Union, Running Y Lodge Resort, South Valley Bank & Trust, Sterling Savings Bank, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Klamath Falls Fish and Wildlife Office.

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