Owling: 3.5 hrs., 45 mi.; one Strix sp. flyover, and one other unid. small owl flyover.
Regular: 44 mi. walk, 30.25 hrs. walk, 333 mi. driven, 28.25 hrs. driven;
Total time: 75.75
Total distance: 408.25
Parties: 7, breaking up at times into 10.
Participants: Karl Bachman, Marilyn Christian, Helen Fitting, Rick Hardy, Dave Larsen, BJ Matzen, Dave Menke, Joan Spencer, Jean Van Hulzen, Julie Vanmoorhem, Kevin Spencer

UNID DUCK: 11,400

Birds seen (in taxonomic order): 
Greater White-fronted Goose1000 [1]
Canada Goose510
Wood Duck3
Cinnamon Teal14
Northern Shoveler3182
Northern Pintail3
Green-Winged Teal2 [2]
Lesser Scaup1 [3]
Hooded Merganser3 [4]
Common Merganser170
Ruddy Duck527 [5]
Ring-necked Pheasant3
Ruffed Grouse4 [6]
Blue Grouse3 [7]
Mountain Quail23 [8]
California Quail42
Pied-billed Grebe67
Eared Grebe40
Western Grebe303 [9]
Clark's Grebe142
American White Pelican484
Double-crested Cormorant275
Great Blue Heron25
Great Egret92
Snowy Egret1
Green Heron3
Black-crowned Night-Heron38
White-faced Ibis36
Turkey Vulture158
Bald Eagle7
Northern Harrier21
Sharp-shinned Hawk6
Cooper's Hawk4
Unidentified Accipiter1
Red-shouldered Hawk5 [10]
Red-tailed Hawk79
Ferruginous Hawk1 [11]
Golden Eagle2
American Kestrel11
Peregrine Falcon2 [12]
Prairie Falcon3
Virginia Rail2
American Coot6144
Sandhill Crane2
Black-necked Stilt26
American Avocet13
Greater Yellowlegs20
Spotted Sandpiper3
Western Sandpiper20
Least Sandpiper83 [13]
Long-billed Dowitcher573
Common Snipe17
Red-necked Phalarope81
Franklin's Gull15 [14]
Bonaparte's Gull4
Mew Gull1 [15]
Ring-billed Gull648
California Gull3
Sabine's Gull6 [16]
Unidentified gull1050 [17]
Common Tern2 [18]
Forster's Tern6
Rock Dove31
Eurasian Collared-Dove2 [19]
Mourning Dove28
Barn Owl1
Great Horned Owl2
Vaux's Swift4
Anna's Hummingbird1 [20]
Rufous Hummingbird2 [21]
Belted Kingfisher13
Lewis' Woodpecker25 [22]
Red-naped Sapsucker1 [23]
Red-breasted Sapsucker7
Downy Woodpecker12
Hairy Woodpecker16
White-headed Woodpecker3
Black-backed Woodpecker1 [24]
Northern Flicker50
Pileated Woodpecker3
Western Wood-Pewee10
Willow Flycatcher2 [25]
Hammond's Flycatcher1 [26]
Unidentified Empidonax2 [27]
Black Phoebe1 [28]
Say's Phoebe3
Eastern Kingbird1 [29]
Warbling Vireo9
Gray Jay13
Steller's Jay94
Western Scrub-Jay98
Clark's Nutcracker7
Black-billed Magpie43
Common Raven20
Tree Swallow191 [30]
Violet-green Swallow203
Cliff Swallow30
Barn Swallow152
Black-capped Chickadee15
Mountain Chickadee192
Oak Titmouse1 [31]
Red-breasted Nuthatch48
White-breasted Nuthatch24
Pygmy Nuthatch114
Brown Creeper8
Bewick's Wren5
House Wren10
Marsh Wren26
American Dipper1
Golden-crowned Kinglet15
Ruby-crowned Kinglet3
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher1 [32]
Western Bluebird85
Mountain Bluebird41
Townsend's Solitaire12
Hermit Thrush2
American Robin322
European Starling1625
American Pipit1 [33]
Cedar Waxwing54
Orange-crowned Warbler50
Yellow Warbler57
Yellow-rumped Warbler557
Black-throated Gray Warbler2
Townsend's Warbler1
Hermit Warbler3
MacGillivray's Warbler5
Common Yellowthroat1
Wilson's Warbler14
Western Tanager3
Spotted Towhee38
Chipping Sparrow14
Brewer's Sparrow9
Savannah Sparrow287
Fox Sparrow8
Song Sparrow27
Lincoln's Sparrow35
White-crowned Sparrow183
Golden-crowned Sparrow70
Dark-eyed Junco460
Lazuli Bunting1 [34]
Red-winged Blackbird283
Western Meadowlark11
Yellow-headed Blackbird1
Brewer's Blackbird406
Purple Finch7
Cassin's Finch4
House Finch46
Pine Siskin4
Lesser Goldfinch35
American Goldfinch10
Evening Grosbeak41
House Sparrow53


[1] southern county
[2] Wood River Wetland
[3] Lk Ewauna
[4] Link R.
[5] UNID DUCK 11,400
[6] Kimball Jackson SP
[7] Varney Ck
[8] Moore Pk
[9] W/CL sp. 80
[10] Ft. Klam, WRW, Lk. Ewauna...
[11] flyby Henzel Pk., good looks
[12] Running Y, Southern co.
[13] UNID PEEP: 40
[14] Agency Lk., Henzel Pk.
[15] Lk. Ewauna
[16] SIX! Well seen, all 1st summer, wing pattern and tail main marks; seen by KTS, D. Larsen, D. Haupt
[17] 1050
18] Agency Lk., Henzel Pk.
[19] Ft. Klamath , Merrill
[20] home
[21] home
[22] many Henzel Pk.
[23] Rocky Pt.
[24] Annie Ck. Falls pullout, Crater Lake NP
[25] WRW
[26] Jackson SP
[27] 2
[28] Bonanza, Big Springs
[29] J. Spencer's home. present some time. Well described
[30] swallow sp.: 2104
[31] Moore Pk., usually put with Oak
[32] Moore Pk.
[33] flyover Rim, Crater Lk. NP
[34] Ft. Klamath ag land

Total number of species seen: 159


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