8. Fort Klamath/Wood River Valley

8. Fort Klamath/Wood River Valley
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This site encompasses the whole valley surrounding the town of Fort Klamath. This valley is about 5 miles wide and is primarily made up of irrigated pasture lands surrounded on 3 sides by forested mountains. The Wood River, Annie Creek, Crooked Creek, and Sevenmile Creek flow through the valley, along with numerous diversion canals. There are plentiful springs in the valley, including several artesian wells. Most of the valley is privately owned, but paved roads provide access to the majority of the area. Please respect the rights of the landowners.

Birds to Look For:

Rough-legged Hawks, Bald and Golden Eagles and Prairie Falcons are often seen here during the winter. Meadow Larks and Kestrels are common in summer. Great Gray and Long-eared Owls also nest in this valley.


The town of Fort Klamath is located on Hwy 62 about 13 mi NW of the junction with Hwy 97 and 6 mi SE of the south entrance to Crater Lake National Park. GPS: 121° 59' 47.02" W, 42° 42' 18.19" N

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