10. Klamath Fish Hatchery

10. Klamath Fish Hatchery - Area Map.


Thirty-two miles north-northwest of Klamath Falls.


Klamath Hatchery is located along Crooked Creek, a small meandering stream with a well developed riparian area. There is a limited upland component with the hatchery site, primarily a shrubby, Ponderosa pine site.

Distinct Features:

This hatchery raises rainbow, cutthroat, brook and brown trout. It provides legal-sized trout to Klamath and Lake counties and fingerlings for lakes from the southern Cascade Mountains east to the Idaho border. The current production is approximately 1 million fish each year.

Birds to Look For:

Great Blue Heron, Osprey, Wood Duck, several warbler species and Mountain Bluebird are commonly seen around the hatchery.

Other Items of Interest:

There is an observation platform from which large trout can be seen feeding.


From Klamath Falls, drive north on Highway 97. At approximately Milepost 252, turn northwest onto Highway 62. Proceed northwest on Highway 62 towards Fort Klamath Approximately 8.5 miles north of the intersection, just prior to crossing Crooked Creek, turn north (right) onto an improved gravel road. The hatchery is about one half mile north of Highway 62. GPS: 121° 56' 51.43" W, 42° 39' 0.22" N.

For more information Contact:

Klamath Hatchery
46161 Hwy. 62
Chiloquin, OR 97624
(541) 381-2278

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