28. Birding By Boat

28. Birding By Boat - Area Map.


Boat ramps are located in convenient proximity to many good birding sites around Upper Klamath and Agency Lake. Commercial marinas with fuel and rentals are available in Klamath Falls, Lake of the Woods, Rocky Point, Agency Lake and Williamson River.


Some of the best habitat on Upper Klamath Lake is only accessible by boat, as much of the shoreline is private or unroaded. Extensive marsh and tule beds as well as timbered shoreline provide good cover. Hanks Marsh, the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail and Squaw Point are especially productive.

Distinct Features:

Upper Klamath Lake is considered one of the finest lakes for sailing in the Northwest. Remote anchorages are ideal for birding. Canoe trails are found in several wetland fringes of the Upper Klamath Lake.

Birds to Look For:

Grebes, cormorants, herons, egrets, Osprey and Bald Eagle are best observed feeding from the Lake perspective. Bald Eagles perch in large numbers along Eagle Ridge. Mornings and evenings find rafts of gulls, ducks and pelicans on the open water. The riparian vegetation along much of Upper Klamath Lake comes alive in the spring with a host of Neotropical migrants (many warbler species, Western Tanager, several flycatchers, Black-headed Grosbeak, woodpeckers, and several species of swallows).

Other Items of Interest

Biodiversity and productivity is the hallmark of Upper Klamath Lake. It is the heart of this ecosystem, which extends for miles through its tributary streams and wetlands. Upper Klamath Lake is home to the largest Red Band Trout in the world, often exceeding 30 inches.


From Highway 97 take the Oregon Avenue off ramp and proceed west. Oregon Avenue turns into Lakeshore Drive. After crossing the Link River Bridge turn into the Moore Park Public Marina. Access from Highway 140 can also be made at the west end of Lakeshore Drive. GPS: 121° 48' 46.93" W, 42° 14' 10.46" N.

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