31. Klamath Wingwatchers' Lake Ewauna Nature Trail

31. Klamath Wingwatchers' Lake Ewauna Nature Trail  - Area Map.


Situated within walking distance of downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon


Ponds, wetland, riparian and upland habitat; and adjacent to Lake Ewauna.

Distinct Features:

An 80-ft. pine snag called the "Eagle Perch". Bald Eagle, Osprey, hawks, herons, Peregrine Falcon, Double-crested Cormorants and songbirds have been observed using it.

Birds to Look For:

This site provides viewing for a wide diversity of birds: Barrow's Goldeneye, waterfowl, shore birds and upland species including Green Heron, Black-crowned Night-Heron,Yellow-headed Blackbird, Spotted Sandpiper and Bald Eagle.

Other Items of Interest

Canada Geese and ducks can be observed nesting on the islands in the larger pond.Later the young broods of these can be seen feeding or swimming in the ponds and the lake.


Parking is available in Veterans Park at the South End of Down Town Klamath Falls. Walk across the Main Street Bridge over Link River; and then follow the trail South along the West side of Lake Ewauna. GPS: 121° 47' 29.62" W, 42° 13' 10.92" N.

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