32. OC&E Woods Line State Trail

32. OC&E Woods Line State Trail  - Area Map.


This site is one of two segments of the linear bicycle trail, operated by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Dept. identified as a Klamath Basin Birding Trail site (see also # 47). In the urban portions a mixture of residential trees, brush, and grasses are found along the trail. Much of the trail runs parallel to a large irrigation canal with riparian vegetation, including willow and cottonwood and patches of cattail. Outside the urban portion of the trail some rural agricultural areas and scattered areas of juniper and pine are to be found. Just beyond Olene, the Lost River is visible from the trail providing some interesting birding opportunities.

Birds to Look For:

Warblers, sparrows, Forster's and Caspian Terns, and Bullock's Oriole.


In Klamath Falls, the beginning of the trail is accessible from a parking area one block E of Washburn Way off Crosby St. A second access point is available at Wiard Park located at Wiard and Hope St. in the suburbs E of Klamath Falls. Another trailhead is about a mile south of the Klamath Community College on Hwy 39 near the 39 and Hwy 140 junction. There is a trailhead at Reeder Rd 1.5 miles S of Hwy 140E. This 7.5 mi paved section of the trail ends at Olene on Hwy 140. GPS: 121° 45' 25.02" W, 42° 12' 18.52" N.

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