37. Butte Valley National Grassland

37. Butte Valley National Grassland - Area Map.


In California between the communities of Dorris and Macdoel, the 18,425 acre Butte Valley National Grassland is managed by the United States Forest Service.


Open sagebrush, rabbit brush, juniper and grasses.

Birds to Look For:

Sage Thrasher and Brewer's Sparrow in the spring, summer and fall. Resident bird species include Horned Lark and Lark Sparrow. Nesting raptors nclude Golden Eagle, Red-tailed and Swainson's Hawks. In recent years Ferruginous Hawk have successfully nested.


From Highway 97 at the California/Oregon state line, drive south 7.5 miles to Meiss Lake/Sams Neck Road. Go west 1.75 miles to the red cinder road that traverses the grassland north and south. Go either left or right on the cinder road. Other roads in the grassland may not be well maintained and one should exercise reasonable caution when using these roads.GPS: 121° 0' 47.11" W, 41° 54' 27.42" N

For more information Contact:

Klamath National Forest
Goosenest Ranger District
37805 Highway 97
Macdoel, CA 96058
Phone 530 398-4391

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