38. Butte Valley Wildlife Area/Meiss Lake

38. Butte Valley Wildlife Area/Meiss Lake - Area Map.


Five miles west of Highway 97 and Macdoel, California on the Meiss Lake - Sam's Neck Road.


The varied habitat includes 4,000 acre Meiss Lake as well as other wetlands, croplands, grasslands and woodlands.

Distinct Features:

The 13,400 acre Butte Valley Wildlife Area is primarily a waterfowl hunting area managed by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Birds to Look For:

Waterfowl include Ross's Goose and Tundra Swan and a variety of dabbling ducks. Various shorebirds are seen in migration. Wilson's Phalarope and Wilson's Snipe breed here. Bald Eagle and Rough-legged Hawk are common in winter.


From Highway 97 at the California/Oregon state line, drive 13 miles south on Highway 97 to Meiss Lake Road which is not to be confused with the Meiss Lake/Sams Neck Road to the north, turn right and travel 3 miles to the tour route entrance located on the right. GPS: 122° 2' 1.25" W, 41° 49' 52.83" N.

For more information Contact:

Butte Valley Wildlife Area
P.O Box 429
Macdoel, CA. 96134
Phone 530 398-4627

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