46. Gerber Recreation Area

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This high desert reservoir is located approximately one hour (40 miles) east of Klamath Falls.


Covering hundreds of acres, the area includes Ponderosa pine forests, open lava-strewn grasslands, juniper shrub-steppe, and rocky outcroppings which provide shelter for birds of prey and mountain lions alike. Laced with small streams and rivers, riparian zones provide habitat for a variety of birds.

Distinct Features:

The diversity of this rugged and remote area, offers unique opportunities to see many types of birds and other wildlife. Two developed campgrounds and several primitive campsites make this area an excellent destination for a weekend jaunt. The Klamath Bird Observatory has been operating an intensive bird monitoring station here during the breeding and fall migration seasons since 1997.

Birds to Look For:

Bald Eagle (nesting), Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Osprey, American Kestrel, Sandhill Crane, Common Nighthawk, Common Poorwill, Red-breasted and Williamson's Sapsuckers, Gray and Ash-throated Flycatchers, Say's Phoebe, Western Kingbird, Western Meadowlark, Western Scrub and Pinyon Jays, Sage, Chipping, Lark and Brewer's Sparrows, Horned Lark, Western Tanager, Canyon and Rock Wrens, Pine Siskin, Mountain Bluebird, Townsend's Solitaire, Great Blue Heron, American White Pelican, and Turkey Vulture (the local harbingers of spring).


From Klamath Falls, take Hwy 140 East to Dairy. Turn Right, traveling on Hwy 70 to Bonanza. From Bonanza, continue East on East Langell Valley Rd for 11 mi. Turn Left on Gerber Rd; the intersection is at a sharp 90-degree curve. Travel 8.5 mi to the entrance to the Gerber Campgrounds. GPS: 121° 7' 16.07" W, 42° 12' 4.36" N.

For more information Contact:

Bureau of Land Management
Klamath Falls Resource Area
2795 Anderson Ave. Bldg. #25
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
(541) 883-6916

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