Index to Birding Sites Along the Trail

Photo: Number 1 birding hotspot.

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  1. Diamond Lake (Bonus Site, just outside the Basin)
  2. Crater Lake National Park
  3. Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge
  4. Collier State Park / Spring Creek Rest Area
  5. Head of the Williamson
  6. Kimball State Park
  7. Wood River Day Use Area
  8. Fort Klamath / Wood River Valley (Area in vicinity of Fort Klamath)
  9. Sevenmile Guard Station
  10. Klamath State Fish Hatchery
  11. Modoc Point Road/Agency Lake (Petric Boat Launch, Henzel Park)
  12. Wood River Wetland
  13. Hagelstein County Park
  14. West Side Road
  15. Crystalwood Lodge /Crystal Creek Wayside
  16. Malone Springs / Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
  17. Rocky Point - Upper Klamath Lake Canoe Trai
  18. Four Mile Lake
  19. Lake of the Woods / Great Meadows
  20. Surveyor Mountain
  21. Topsy Reservoir
  22. Klamath River Canyon at John Boyle Dam (poor road)
  23. Hamaker Mountain Road
  24. Odessa Creek Campground
  25. Shoalwater Bay / Eagle Ridge
  26. Howard Bay
  27. Moore Park (inside the City of Klamath Falls)
  28. Birding by Boat A great way to see birds you wouldn't otherwise be able to see easily any other way.
  29. Putnam's Point Park (inside the City of Klamath Falls)
  30. Link River Trail (inside the City of Klamath Falls)
  31. Klamath Wingwatchers' Lake Ewauna Nature Trail (inside the City of Klamath Falls)
  32. OC&E  Woods Line State Trail
  33. Klamath Wildlife Area Miller Island Unit
  34. Bear Valley National Wildlife Refuge
  35. Township Road
  36. Butte Valley
  37. Butte Valley National Grassland
  38. Butte Valley Wildlife Area / Meiss Lake
  39. Juanita Lake
  40. Orr Lake
  41. Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
  42. Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge/Discovery Marsh
  43. Lava Beds National Monument
  44. Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge/Boles Creek (One road to site)
  45. Bonanza Big Springs Park
  46. Gerber Reservoir
  47. OC&E  Woods Line State Trail

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